How to Integrate Social Media into Your Wedding

social-media-weddingAfter attending countless weddings, being a bridesmaid on numerous occasions and of course being a bride myself, I can certainly bring a thing or two to the wedding table. During any wedding there are so many memories made and timeless moments that can be captured through the use of social media.

If your a part of any wedding planning or a bride yourself, here are 5 helpful ways you can best utilize social media for your special occasion and also the events leading up to your wedding.

  1. Wedding Hashtags – Do you Instagram? By creating a hashtag specific for your wedding, it will allow for your guests to tag the pictures they capture and for you to enjoy them afterwards. If you create one hashtag, your guests can share updates on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram and even Facebook (just as long as you are friends with them or they make their pictures public). Don’t forget to put up a couple signs around your venue space to let your guests know of the hashtag you have selected. Also, take a look around to see what hashtag isn’t too common and widely used or else your pictures may get lost in the mix.
  2. Facebook Event – Creating an event on Facebook can be a great way to start the excitement and share important information with your guests. Your guests can also make travel accommodations or even add each other on Facebook if they wanted too. Since not all of your Facebook friends will be attending your wedding, make sure to make the event private for Guests Only. This way only your guests will be able to see vital or private information.
  3. Shared Facebook Album – Facebook recently released a new feature where numerous people can upload their pictures to the same album, which would be great for members of your bridal party or family. To create a shared album, you go to an album you’ve created and then click Make Shared Album in the top left corner. Then you can choose the contributors, select an audience and then click save. All of the contributors will be able to view, add photos and add contributors to the album. 
  4. Create a Great Wedding Website – Weddings are a time where people travel from all sorts of different locations so having a website dedicated to your special day is a great way to communicate with your guests leading up to the date. You can provide location and parking information, directions, highlight the members of your bridal party, create wedding specific events leading up the date and story the story of how you met. Having a wedding website is especially necessary if you plan on having a destination wedding. Best of all, most simple website are free to create such as, as WordPress, Blogger, or even Tie the Knot.
  5. Live Stream – Create a social media station for all of your guests to tweet your well wishes for the happy couple and share helpful marriage advice by using your event hashtag. A live stream of photos from the event can be a fun way to engage people and encourage more sharing. Guests will be able to watch the live stream on a projector in a dedicated area of your venue space. It’s also a great way to capture pictures taken throughout the ceremony or reception for all of the guests to see. It’s a modern day spin on the day-of wedding day video!

Have you attended a wedding where they incorporated social media? All of the brides reading this post, will certainly appreciate your tips and social media wedding ideas. 

Thank you!