Top 4 Picks for Photo Editing Sites

Ashley Rose DavidsonWith the rise of mobile devices, it seems everyone wants to become a professional photographer these days.  However, many of us that use photo editing sites are certainly not professional photographers by any means but just individuals who have a passion for capturing those memorable moments. Photo editing sites have enabled a whole new class of photographers to create beautiful and stunning images with little to no training.

After PicNik, a popular photo editing site, closed down and was purchased by Google, I was on the hunt to find the next best thing. I tested out a bunch of photo editing sites that I believe could offer the same functions as PicNik. So for those of you, that want to brighten up a slightly dull photo, create a stunning Facebook album after your latest vacation, add some additional text for a humorous meme or just simply add filters to your pictures, here is a list of my top picks for photo editing sites.

PicMonkey is  my #1 top pick for all photo editing sites. Personally, I enjoy the look and ease of the interface and have found PicMonkey to be very easy to learn the different tools and settings when I first starting playing around with it.

  • Exposure: I use this function on every single one of my pictures that I edit. There is the option to use the Auto Adjust which is very handy for first time users or if you’re looking for a simple quick fix. You can customize the brightness, highlights and shadows and contrast with the Exposure feature.
  • Effects: The effects that are available with PicMonkey are everything you would need to add a basic or advanced filter to your picture.
  • Touch Up:  This is great for close up pictures because you can easily edit a blemish, reduce shine, whiten teeth, take out red eye or even add a little airbrushing for a flawless finish.

PhotoFunia is a free website that offers over 350 effects to play with. However, when it comes to actually editing your pictures it is very limited. It’s mostly used for fun effects like putting your face in the Mona Lisa painting, create an Andy Warhol inspired picture or even put your face on a stamp or billboard.

  • Mobile App: You can create fun pictures on the go! PhotoFunia is also available on the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows phones.
  • Seasonal: Most of the categories in PhotoFunia are seasonal based which can be helpful when you need to put your face on a leprechaun for St. Patrick’s Day or make your family a bunch of elves for your Family Christmas card.
  • Graffiti Text: This effect allows you to create customize graffiti art. All you need to do is add your text, choose a colour, font and texture.

iPiccy gives you all the power to edit photos right in your browser without any installation. iPiccy is currently positioning themselves as PicMonkey’s competition and has even stated online that they are in fact, better then them. It certainly offers the same functions as PicMonkey but personally I find that the interface isn’t as clean and easy to navigate.

  • Enable Webcam: You can take pictures right from your webcam and edit them immediately afterwards. If you don’t have access to a digital camera, this feature offers you an alternative to take pictures, edit them on your desktop and share on social media.
  • Flickr: This is great feature especially if you have a Flickr account. You can upload the pictures you have directly from your Flickr account and edit them using iPiccy.
  • Facebook: You can load photos from your Facebook albums and can save the result picture to your Facebook account in the “Save & Share”  tab when your ready to post them again.

Pixlr is probably the most advanced photo editing site that is on my list. Pixlr offers more than 600 different effects, overlays and even funky borders. Pixlr Express is a free photo editor that lets you crop, re-size, remove red-eye, and whiten teeth. The interface is similar looking to that of Photoshop, which can be intimidating if you are first time user.

  • Pixlr offers different versions such as Open Pixlr editor (Advanced), Open Pixlr express (Efficient) and even Open Pixlr-o-matic (Playful)
  • Pixlr Mobile App: All the fun effects on Pixlr’s desktop version is available on in the Google Play and App Store.
  • Community Powered Support: The Support and Help section on Pixlr is mostly community based, where users ask and answer the questions.

What photo editing sites are your top picks? Comment below and share your favourite ones!